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3D MODEL - Key hole detail 2

Francesco Milanese
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Key hole detail 3D Model, nr. 2 in my collection. 2 individual objects (base, rotating part), sharing the same non overlapping UV Layout map, Material and PBR Textures set. Production-ready 3D Model, with PBR materials, textures, non overlapping UV Layout map provided in the package.

Sketchfab 3D preview:

Quads only geometries (no tris/ngons).

Easily customizable: UV unwrapped geometries; UV Layout maps provided in the package as png with alpha images.

Each Object, Material or Texture provided in the package has a unique, meaningful name.

Made in Blender 3.6.1 LTS with Cycles Principled BSDF PBR shader with textures included (Eevee compatible), then exported to OBJ and FBX; materials and textures made in Substance Painter (Adobe 3D Painter), exported for PBR, Cycles, V-Ray, Unity, Unreal.

PROMO IMAGES: the first image has been rendered in Cycles for Blender; in particular, you can find 11+ promo images in this description:

* nr. 1-2-3-4-5-6 rendered in Cycles (Blender 3.6.1 LTS)

* nr. 7-8 are wireframe images;

* nr. 9-10 are screenshots from the Blender 3.6.1 LTS scene, showing the UV Layout;

* other images: UV layouts (at least one).

Formats included: FBX, OBJ; scenes: BLEND (with Cycles / Eevee PBR Materials and Textures); other: 16-bit PNGs with Alpha.

2 Objects (meshes), 1 PBR Material, UV unwrapped (non overlapping UV Layout map provided in the package); UV-mapped Textures.

UV Layout maps and Image Textures resolutions: 2048x2048; PBR Textures made with Substance Painter.

Polygonal, QUADS ONLY (no tris/ngons); 3719 vertices, 3591 quad faces (7182 tris).

Real world dimensions; scene scale units: cm in Blender 3.6.1 LTS (that is: Metric with 0.01 scale).

Uniform scale object (scale applied in Blender 3.6.1 LTS).

PBR Multi-Engine Textures Pack included: in a zipped folder, you'll find the PBR Textures set (as 16-bit PNGs with Alpha) for a bunch of rendering engines or game engines!

* Cycles PBR shader for Blender (Principled BSDF with base color, roughness, metallic and normal maps);

* Vray for 3D Studio MAX (diffuse, reflect, reflection glossiness, normal);

* Unity 5 Standard Metallic (albedo + transparency, metallic + smoothness, normal);

* Unity HDRP (base color + opacity; Metallic + Ambient Occlusion + blank Detail Mask + Glossiness; OpenGL Normal Map for OBJECT SPACE);

* Unreal Engine 4 (base color + alpha, occlusion + roughness + metallic, normal);

* generic PBR Spec Gloss workflow (diffuse + opacity, specular, glossiness, normal, height)

* generic PBR Metal Rough workflow (base color + opacity, roughness, metallic, normal, height); you can use it in Eevee for Blender, too;

so, you'll be able to edit the Textures, or just import the fbx/obj file, along with the Textures set you want, in your 3D Modeling software or game engine, and link them together to get a game / production ready asset!

IMPORTANT --- Main renderings made in Blender 3.6.1 LTS + Cycles (or Eevee) using an HDR Environment Texture Image which is NOT provided in the package!

fm3d, game ready, vr, ar, hole, keyhole, key, open, door, lock, access, concept, entrance, symbol, security, shape, protection, safety, enter, safe, mystery, secure, unlocking, metal, home, house, secret, secrecy, privacy, private

Non-Commercial Use Only License Agreement

This license grants the user the right to utilize the 3D model for Non-Commercial Use Only, such as personal projects and educational purposes.

For commercial uses, consider the version with the "Royalty-Free" license.

The specifics of this License are as follows:

Non-Commercial Use: The 3D Model may not be used for any commercial endeavors.

No Redistribution: The user is prohibited from selling, distributing, sharing, or otherwise making the 3D model available to third parties.

No Derivatives: Modifying, adapting, or creating derivative works from the original 3D model is strictly forbidden.

No attribution is required.

For commercial uses, consider the version with the "Royalty-Free" license.

Royalty-Free License Agreement

By purchasing this product, you are actually obtaining a royalty-free license for a digital item that will be available for download once the payment process has been completed.

The term 'royalty-free' implies that there are no additional fees required after the initial purchase. This means you can use the downloaded product indefinitely, in various projects, without incurring any further charges.

However, it's crucial to understand that this license does not permit you to distribute the purchased product itself, either for free or for sale.

Although you are allowed to modify the product for your derivative works, distribution of these projects (such as video games or movies) is only permissible under the condition that the original product cannot be individually downloaded from them.

Additionally, even with significant edits to the source file, it is prohibited to upload the product to 3D platforms.

This license thus allows you to utilize the product in news, films, TV programs, software interfaces, architectural renderings, computer games, virtual worlds, digital media, corporate use, education, product design, 3D printing, and much more.

Please note that under the terms of this agreement, you are not obligated to provide credit or attribution to the author or creator when using the product.

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3D Model license; you'll be able to download the BLEND, FBX, OBJ, and PBR Textures files

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3D MODEL - Key hole detail 2

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